Salsa-Ton Signature Fitness Class

Due to the Pandemic Covid-19 as of March 2020 classes are not in session until further notice… Wish everyone well and safety until we meet again in a class room setting and or stage. Thank you for the many years of love and dancing with us.

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Salsa-Ton is Danery’s signature cardio dance class.

Why Salsa-Ton? Because it comes from two wonderful dance rhythms that are international in the dance world. Salsa and Reggaeton first coined by the most recognized Spanish Rapp artist Daddy Yankee and Salsa renowned singer Andy Montanez. Oscar De Leon also collaborated with Daddy Yankee and together Salsa-Ton was on the airwaves.

My classes may be compared with other fitness formats but people do not know the difference sometimes. The difference is I dance and a product is just a product. Understanding a dance form and its original name is knowledge. Note.

Salsa-Ton is unique as this fitness class was one of the origins of Latin music being incorporated in fitness classes. Among many fitness dance classes our class is spontaneous and constantly changing as the times, rhythms and music changes. All classes are different and choreographic works are only in house. Danery prides herself always stating “I use the creative process to keep us moving in class- I have not and do not use other people’s choreography. It is all what the members and I are dancing to that make our class so special.” Salsa-Ton is not cookie cut for the masses, Salsa-Ton is exclusive. The members that over the years have benefited from my classes can tell you not one class is ever the same.

Without comparing products everyone is here for the same reason, get fit, feel better, look great and most importantly have a healthier body all around. Cutting medical cost and increasing livelihood.

Salsa-Ton consists of Latin American music and all the rhythms from: Salsa, Reggeaton, Bachata, Cumbia, Zamba, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue and even Middle Eastern sounds. The class can get you to burn up to 450-560 calories at its peak and do over 1 thousand steps per class. This class is open to all levels yet most of the members during class can make it more challenging. Every class is different.

About Danery Chicago

Latin American Dance Teacher, performer, choreographer and vocalist. I am also a Modern Dancer, studied Ballet, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Hip-Hop, House and Certified Fitness Instructor. Danery created Salsa-Ton Fitness Cardio Dance class. Owner of Chicago Latin Dance since 2010. I am also a radio Host on WPNA 103.1 FM Chicago Polish American Mix station
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