Salsa-Ton Signature Fitness Class

Salsa-Ton Signature class is back! 

Tuesday nights at 8 pm- 9 pm open to all levels. $21 drop in rate (15 yrs and older)

At Arabesques Dance and Fitness 3120 W Belmont in Chicago.

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Salsa-Ton is Danery’s signature cardio dance class.

Why Salsa-Ton? Because it comes from two wonderful dance rhythms that are international in the dance world. Salsa and Reggaeton first coined by the most recognized Spanish Rapp artist Daddy Yankee and Salsa renowned singer Andy Montanez. Oscar De Leon also collaborated with Daddy Yankee and together Salsa-Ton was on the airwaves.

My classes may be compared with other fitness formats but people do not know the difference sometimes. The difference is I dance and a product is just a product. Understanding a dance form and its original name is knowledge. Note.

Salsa-Ton is unique as this fitness class was one of the origins of Latin music being incorporated in fitness classes. Among many fitness dance classes our class is spontaneous and constantly changing as the times, rhythms and music changes. All classes are different and choreographic works are only in house. Danery prides herself always stating “I use the creative process to keep us moving in class- I have not and do not use other people’s choreography. It is all what the members and I are dancing to that make our class so special.” Salsa-Ton is not cookie cut for the masses, Salsa-Ton is exclusive. The members that over the years have benefited from my classes can tell you not one class is ever the same.

Without comparing products everyone is here for the same reason, get fit, feel better, look great and most importantly have a healthier body all around. Cutting medical cost and increasing livelihood.

Salsa-Ton consists of Latin American music and all the rhythms from: Salsa, Reggeaton, Bachata, Cumbia, Zamba, Tango, Flamenco, Merengue and even Middle Eastern sounds. The class can get you to burn up to 450-560 calories at its peak and do over 1 thousand steps per class. This class is open to all levels yet most of the members during class can make it more challenging. Every class is different.

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About Chicago Latin Dance

Chicago Latin Dance became the official name of Danery Latin Dance and Fitness company in 2010. Danery has been a Latin American leading dance instructor and fitness teacher since her early years in High School. Her forte is Salsa and Colombian Style Salsa dancing. Also a Spanish music vocalist, Danery has made her name in the Latin music and dance community in Chicago and has toured various cities.

As a fitness instructor Danery learned from the best leading lady Esther Sloan-Gutierrez founder of SALSArobics. This opportunity turn Danery’s performing and dance choreography world to take a new direction in the fitness industry. Certified Instructor in Group Fitness, personal trainer and creator of Salsa-Ton she had implemented a new genre to the workout, Reggaeton in the late 90’s. Salsa-Ton is the combination of Salsa music and the down beat combination of Spanish Rap music and Reggae hip-hip beats. Creating an authentic and rhythmic dance fitness class format. Danery along with her sister Diana in the late 80’s had started teaching Salsa dance classes and fitness class to Latin Music at the Discovery Center in Lincoln Park Chicago.

The Latin music was rare to be heard in any Fitness facility and Salsa dancing was still working its way to dance studios in the city. Danery and Diana were performing along side to local Salsa and Mambo bands on weekends. All for one cause sharing our Latin culture and music with everyone.

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Danerys’ Audio works

Danery Bilingual On Air Talent samples including Demo

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Spreaker Danery’s Tracks

Danery Bilingual On Air Talent samples including Demo




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Video Filming Editing Works

This is a PSA that I collaborate with my classmates for the American Lung Association. This particular PSA won us 2nd place for the Best TV Spot in the Silver Dome Awards 2016. From the Illinois Media School class 2016. Actors Danery Barraza, Lenora Segura, Jacob Allan Wood and camera Bobby Kristoph.

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Cumbia during Salsa-ton Workshop

This was one of the workshops during the Chicago Salsa Congress 2009.

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Choreography by Danery 2009

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First blog post

Welcome to Chicago Latin Dance. You will be informed on the many Latin dance styles, music, history on the movement of Latin Dance in different places. Also find places to go to in our city Chicago. Follow Danery on the links below:

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