About Chicago Latin Dance

Chicago Latin Dance became the official name of Danery Latin Dance and Fitness company in 2010. Danery has been a Latin American leading dance instructor and fitness teacher since her early years in High School. Her forte is Salsa and Colombian Style Salsa dancing. Also a Spanish music vocalist, Danery has made her name in the Latin music and dance community in Chicago and has toured various cities.

As a fitness instructor Danery learned from the best leading lady Esther Sloan-Gutierrez founder of SALSArobics. This opportunity turn Danery’s performing and dance choreography world to take a new direction in the fitness industry. Certified Instructor in Group Fitness, personal trainer and creator of Salsa-Ton she had implemented a new genre to the workout, Reggaeton in the late 90’s. Salsa-Ton is the combination of Salsa music and the down beat combination of Spanish Rap music and Reggae hip-hip beats. Creating an authentic and rhythmic dance fitness class format. Danery along with her sister Diana in the late 80’s had started teaching Salsa dance classes and fitness class to Latin Music at the Discovery Center in Lincoln Park Chicago.

The Latin music was rare to be heard in any Fitness facility and Salsa dancing was still working its way to dance studios in the city. Danery and Diana were performing along side to local Salsa and Mambo bands on weekends. All for one cause sharing our Latin culture and music with everyone.

About Danery Chicago

Latin American Dance Teacher, performer, choreographer and vocalist. I am also a Modern Dancer, studied Ballet, Flamenco, Belly Dance, Hip-Hop, House and Certified Fitness Instructor. Danery created Salsa-Ton Fitness Cardio Dance class. Owner of Chicago Latin Dance since 2010. I am also a radio Host on WPNA 103.1 FM Chicago Polish American Mix station
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